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book pic isbnOriental Herbology Clinical Notes – The Live Herbs

by Robert Gastón, OMD

Dr. Gastón has a BS in applied physics from MIT and an OMD from The Community School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in North Miami, Florida.  He is board-certified by the NCAAOM as an Acupuncture Physician and worked as an OR nurse at the Massachussetts General Hospital and at the emergency room of  Boston Children’s Hospital.

This scholarly text is the first comprehensive collection of photographs of the ‘live’ Oriental pharmacopia.

It is meant to educate doctors and laymen alike on the extraordinary nature of Oriental Herbology.  The notes were originally compiled and written during Oriental medical school training at the Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare in Miami, Florida, the Heilongjiang University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin, PRC, the Ryan White program at South Shore Hospital in Miami Beach and the University of Miami post-graduate courses in Oriental Medicine.  These notes have been continuously supplemented in clinical practice for over two decades.

The most commonly used agents in the clinic are included and accompanied by photography of the live herbs, the live animals or the raw form of the minerals.  This should facilitate identification in the field and provide guidance for their appropriate collection and preparation anywhere.  Some of the photographs were taken by me at the herbarium of the First Hospital of Heilongjiang University.

This is a limited edition under a non-profit arrangement.  The retail price is $179.95, which only covers printing, shipping and handling costs. It contains 814 pages;  331 full-color pages.

Dr. Robert Gastón, OMD  Quan Yin Medical Center 

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