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Dr. Gastón has published four major texts on Oriental Medicine.  These volumes represent a lifetime of study and the clinical practice of medicine.  Although a lot of books have been published on the subject, Dr. Gastón’s volumes present this extraordinary art and science in a simplified and concise format that allows for easy study and reference, and at the same time documents a lifetime of clinical experience. To quote one of our reviewers of the Live Herbs text: this is “a beautiful book with a vast amount of information. The photographs that accompany each herb are exquisite.”.

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Oriental Herbology Clinical Notes – The Live Herbs

by Robert Gastón, OMD

This scholarly text is the first comprehensive collection of photographs of the ‘live’ Oriental pharmacopia.

The most commonly used agents in the clinic are included and accompanied by photography of the live herbs, the live animals or the raw form of the minerals.  This should facilitate identification in the field and provide guidance for their appropriate collection and preparation anywhere.  Some of the photographs were taken by Dr. Gastón at the herbarium of the First Hospital of Heilongjiang .

This is a limited edition under a non-profit arrangement.  The retail price is $300, which covers printing, shipping and handling costs. It is Library Bound and contains 814 pages; 331 full-color pages. It makes a wonderful art-book gift as well as an extraordinary addition to physicians’ reference libraries. Call us: (305) 758-7011.

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Oriental Herbology Clinical Notes – The Formulae

by Robert Gastón, OMD

This is a concise presentation of the major clinical formulae of Oriental Herbology. It’s a comprehensive yet beautiful format that makes studying and reference easy. It covers the formulae required on the NCCAOM Herbology exam.

Paperback BW 8.5×11. 353 pages. Retail Price $65  Call: (305) 758-7011. ISBN # 978-0-9963752-1-4

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Oriental Medicine Clinical Notes – Syndrome Differentiation

by Robert Gastón, OMD

This is a concise presentation of the major Syndromes of Oriental Medicine discussed in terms of the most common ailments seen in the clinic. It is used as recommended text in medical schools. It’s a comprehensive yet beautiful format that makes studying and reference easy.

Paperback 8.5×11  214 pp. Retail Price $45. Call: (305) 758-7011. ISBN# 978-0-99633752-2-1

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Oriental Medicine Clinical Notes – Theory

by Robert Gastón, OMD

This text represents decades of clinical observation incorporated into notes from Oriental medical school. The theoretical basis of Oriental Medicine is the recognition that Qi is what makes life happen. This concept is still beyond current understanding and as such is constantly facing resistance from Western medical science and practitioners. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this extraordinary medicine is undeniable. Hopefully soon, we will begin to understand Qi, integrate the art and science of Oriental medicine into mainstream medical practice and thus transform our ability to heal beings.

This comprehensive text covers all the bases of Oriental Medicine Diagnosis, Clinical observation, Ear and Scalp Acupuncture, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, etc… It presents this extraordinary medicine in a beautiful format that makes studying and referencing a pleasure.

Paperback 8.5×11  510pp. Retail Price $85. Call us: (305) 758-7011. ISBN# 978-0-99633752-2-1


Sifu Alain

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this book – I’m currently a student of Dr Gaston …

July 1, 2017

I’m in love with this book – i’m currently a student of Dr Gaston’s (in Oriental Medicine and he is teaching us so much he is not only a Dr of OM but he has his practice here in Florida @ the Quan Yin medical center in Miami shores. He is an ordained Tibetan monk as well . Yes we have a great teacher and monk! To us this was a jaw dropper but in Tibetan Buddhism it’s allowed for a monk to serve humanity in such a way. I highly recommend this book. Very short and sweet but very powerful book. we all did well on herbs3 because of they way he teaches. he used this book along with the school power points and let me say this book is amazing – you’ve got gorgeous pics and very simple explanations –  its just single herbs and it’s great if you know how to use it – you can figure out the formulas or use just a formula book – either Bensky or another from Amazon (i’m sure you’ll find many) Dr. Gastón will come out with a precise formula book he’s working on and he’s got other books – maybe you guys can google them. don’t know if they’re on Amazon – haven’t checked yet. Gotta ask him. Hope my info was helpful if you want to talk to him call him at the office tell him Alain from acupuncture college in Miami sent you > 305-758- 7011 and it’s ok – you can call him – he would be glad you did. If your in the area go visit this Dr.

Be well !

Patricia M

5.0 out of 5 stars  An AMAZING Work by an Amazing Doctor

May 22, 2015

This is an AMAZING work by Dr. Gastón . I’m a student of Chinese medicine. This is not a ‘How to’ book but rather an exhaustive compilation of healing herbs. The photos are magnificent. Most herb books show you a picture of dried powder, Dr. Gastón  shows you the actual herb, live, and in may cases flowering. This is not necessarily a book for a casual reader, although it may well interest them. This book describes the herb in detail and tells you its effects. Bear in mind, this is the Chinese approach so be prepared for references to the 5 elements , the 6 external causes of disease, things like stagnant Qi and more. If you are student , you NEED THIS BOOK.


5.0 out of 5 stars  A Profound Book

July 3, 2015

A beautiful book with a vast amount of information. The photographs that accompany each herb are exquisite.