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Reiki Healing Sessions on Mondays – No Charge

Shelly and Felipe offer free Reiki Sessions every Monday 11am to 2pm at the Quan YIn Medical Center. Please help  them with donations.  Call Shelly at (305) 758-7011 to set up a session.

Shelly Wright       Certified Reiki Practitioner, Master’s Degree in Social Work

Felipe Toro           Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, Chile-Licensed Acupuncture                                            Physician




Free Lectures on Meditation and Oriental Medicine

Dr. Gastón offers month-long lecture series at Miami Shores’ Brockway Library and has been doing that for seven years.  We will announce shortly the next schedule in the fall.

If anyone can help set-up lectures anywhere in South Florida, call us at (305) 758-7011. Educating our community on the extraordinary benefits of Meditation and Oriental Medicine is important and we appreciate any help you can lend this effort. The following link will download a typical lecture outline:

Brockway Library Lecture Series