Patients are treated at the Quan Yin Medical Center on a very personal basis with the time-tested methods of Oriental Medicine (OM). These include acupuncture, moxibustion (the burning of mugwort leaves near the body), cupping, tuina massage, tai-qi, qi-gong, electrical stimulation and the extensive pharmacopeia of Chinese Herbology. The Center has a complete herbal pharmacy stocked with the most time-tested and effective natural medicines. The herbs are processed by Kaiser Pharmaceuticals in Taiwan and are totally quality-controlled and safe.

OM is the world’s oldest medical discipline and is in use by over 70% of the world’s population. It is a comprehensive system of preventive and emergency medicine that successfully treats the gamut of human disease naturally, with minimal side-effects, and very cost-effectively. OM is very useful in the treatment of patients of all ages – including children and young adults. Pediatrics has long been a specialty of Oriental physicians. Very safe remedies for pre-natal and infant syndromes have been under development for over 2000 years. OM is particularly important in the treatment of chronic diseases that do not respond well to western medical treatment.

There are very effective treatments with few side effects for mental depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, asthma, various types of arthritis, and body pains. Acupuncture is probably the best treatment we have for relieving the stress of modern life. Oriental medicine has also been applied successfully to the treatment of difficult and complex syndromes. Very promising results have been reported in recent modern studies of the use of OM in the treatment of cancer, HIV infection, fibromyalgia, multiple-sclerosis, lupus, diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease – especially viral myocarditis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and preventing ischemic disease of the limbs. OM is very successful in preventing and treating strokes if promptly applied. There are Chinese herbal formulae that actually stop the progression of cold and flu virus infections. There are herbs that if applied quickly enough after onset of cold symptoms, will stop – not just mask – most cold and flu symptoms. There are OM formulae that prevent post-surgical embolisms and strokes without dangerous side-effects. Similar formulae are used to heal traumatic injuries and fractures in half the usual time. There are acupuncture points on the body that quickly relieve fever, inflammation and pain. A lot of surgery in China is done with acupuncture anesthesia to minimize risks during and after surgical procedures. Appendicitis – for instance – is usually treated without surgery unless the appendix has burst.

Oriental Medicine is remarkable in its effectiveness, its simplicity, and in its central belief that human existence is a sacred blend of mind, body and spirit. Current research and the trend towards full acceptance of Oriental Medicine in America should soon lead to leaps in our understanding of the human body.

* Next to the top is Xuan Cao – this day lily controls anger very well.  Next is Huang Qin – a very effective antibiotic. More detail is available in Dr. Gastón’s comprehensive text: Oriental Herbology Clinical Notes.  Buy it here.  At the top is an illustration of SP-1 from Dr. Gastón’s CD: Main Channel and Extraordinary Points.