Katia O

Doctor Robert Gastón has saved me twice from chronic health issues I could not find an answer to. I feel so blessed to have found him. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable and concerned with his patient’s health, he is the most compassionate, kind individual you could encounter. Chronic back pain, insomnia, stress, energy problems… I highly recommend Quan Yin Medical Center to anyone who wants results.


Shella B

I love the treatment and all about that place – including the staff and of course the doctor 🙂   Thank you!


Josie M

Dr. Gastón has helped my mother enormously! She was gravely ill when he started treating her and has improved greatly and has many more years of a quality life ahead of her. I cannot thank him enough and I do hope he knows how grateful I am for his help!


Raul M

Herbal medicines and acupunture great rates and service.



Vivian P

This is the real deal Holy Field!


Alejandra L

Dr. Gastón has helped improve the quality of my life. Go!!!


Mara F

(Translated by Google) Dr. Gastón has shown me his great knowledge and effectiveness of Oriental medicine on the first date. I have improved by 70% with only one session. The result I saw my mother and my husband also has been impressive. I highly recommend it. Everyone should be given the opportunity to try this wonderful science.

El Dr. Gastón me ha demostrado su gran conocimiento y la efectividad de la medicina Oriental en la primera cita. He mejorado un 70% con solo una sesión. El resultado que vi en mi madre y mi esposo tambièn ha sido impresionante. Lo recomiendo ampliamente. Toda persona debe darse la oportunidad de probar esta maravillosa ciencia.


Quentin K

Quan Yin Medical Center for 3 months and am extremely happy with the effect Dr Gastón has had on my health. The last few years have been stressful, so a friend recommended Quan Yin after being successfully treated.  I had seen two acupuncturists in the past – one Chinese and one Caucasian – with limited success, but I knew I needed some help to make some life changes and was willing to try someone who came so highly recommended.

First order of business was to get me over a reliance on Ativan to sleep at night.   I wondered if I would ever quit after having been using it consistently for over six years.  However, a combination of acupuncture and herbal pills helped me work through that process in four weeks, with minimal withdrawal symptoms.  A few days of feeling horrible could have been avoided if I had stuck to my appointment schedule as Dr Gastón recommended, but I was traveling so had to miss a session. I’m so happy to be rid of that stuff.

Other items that Dr Gastón has helped me with:
– a remarkable recovery from an inflammed anterior deltoid muscle, which had been bothering me for two years and had not responded to physical therapy
– relief from very stiff and sore muscles in my neck and back related to sitting at a computer for too many hours a day
– a general improvement in overall energy and vitality.

So, given my experience as a patient of Quan Yin, I would recommend Dr. Gastón to anyone without reservation.


Natalia C

I’ve had chronic neck pain for years. Sometimes I would wake up stiff and with headaches and it had been going on for at least 10 years. I had tried everything, Chiros, massages, doctors that wanted to do surgery….one day I decided to go to Dr. Gastón, and after 5 treatments he said I was done with the treatment and pain free…I asked him when I had to go back, he said “you are done”….Well, it’s been 2 years and all I can say is he was right….I never had the neck pain again and I cannot describe how grateful I am.



Wonderful service. Caring and knowledgeable.


Personal attention for my condition



Thank you so much Dr Gastón! You are such a blessing to me!



Tout , et sur tout l énergie zen et positive de Dr Rober Gastón! Chérie, merci. Guérissez bientôt!



Thanks for taking me at the last minute & helping me get past the worst of this bug!


Matti B

I am very happy for all of us. Will go when you return. Love Matti



Thanks for the care of my heart ,soul,spirit, mind, and body when I needed it the most.



Had a coughing episode and within seconds was attended to and given water. Excellent service!